Different Option Fix Scratches In Wood Floor

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Engineered Wood Floors

Fix scratches in wood floor – When done by hand, a craftsman pulled a pull knife. Which contained only a single blade with handles at both ends to grab it, constantly shaving layers of wood. This will make the surface more uniform and leave scratches that will give it the desired “hand scraped” quality. A different option called Distressed Hardwood Floor uses machines to duplicate a similar process, with a computerized system instead of a human doing the job.

The machines will skim the surface of the wood and create rows with depressions in the wood. When the wood is sanded, each sanding disc will have a different size so that scratches and scratches appear random. This method can be used on both a solid hardwood floor and engineered. Due to additional labor costs, prices will be inflated for this decorative detail.

By level of difficulty, if you want the boards to be scrape by hand for an even more unique look that will cost more than being scrape by the machine. The prices for hand-scraped wood vary depending on the type of wood selected. And the additional finishes, installation patterns, etc. desired.  The installation will be a little more delicate than the average installation of a hardwood floor.

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