Find Out Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring

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Dark Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring

According to many manufacturers of hand scraped laminate flooring, the carpet is not reliable and suitable as a basis for its installation. Since under load carpet vault layer flex, and therefore the connection in the lock mounting the floor covering subject to excessive load. Although the rug is very dense and hard, it is best to get a detailed consultation from the manufacturer’s or seller’s representatives at a specialized sales outlet.

Is it possible to lay the laminate on the tile? This option is quite real if the tiled surface is flat. And meets the requirements made for installing the laminate. In this case, all possible irregularities and roughness can be compensated by laying the insulation layer.

Then it is important to insert spacer wedges. So that you can ensure that a so-called thermal hole is formed near the wall. The width of which is 10 millimeters. In case the laminate is laid more than 8-10 meters in length or width. It is necessary to use the connecting bars, which are also call with the compensation seam. Once the play process is complete, you can continue to install lists that are glued or screwed. Its depending on their attachment system.

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