Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring Technique

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Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Hand scraped hardwood flooring is a technique used to create distress marks on wood. This gives the appearance of recycled or old wood floors without the added cost. Distressed hardwood floors have a certain rustic charm and you can create your own personalized scraped plants with some special techniques.

Distressing is rarely uniform in nature. Wooden board will age in different ways and no two boards will be the same. Keep this in mind when selecting points to distress. Then, use the natural character of the wood as your guide. Stains under whorls on the wood are excellent for distress marks. Other areas include the edges of the panels. Make your marks slightly off center to give a random appearance to the damage you are creating.

Just as the damage must be random, the depth of the scrape must also be random. Instead of using even pressure while scraping the length of the joint, vary slightly. Start with a lot of pressure, slow down, and then charge again. This provides not only an interesting pattern to your hand scraping, but also keeps the look very authentic. Some areas must have deep grooves while others have hardly any damage at all.

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