How To Care For Shaw Hardwood Flooring

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Shaw Solid Hardwood Flooring Reviews

Shaw Hardwood Flooring – Shaw has been a trusted flooring manufacturer since the early 1940s. One of Shaw’s best-selling flooring types is hardwood. Shaw wood flooring is durable and long-lasting. As with any type of hardwood flooring, properly caring for Shaw hardwood is essential. The care and cleanliness of Shaw wood flooring will help ensure the floor looks beautiful and lasts for many years to come.

Dry the spill and liquid from the ground promptly. Use a damp cloth to clean spills. Clean points of ink, lipstick, paint, oil and similar substances with a white cloth with nails and acetone clean enamel remover. Dust mop, sweep or vacuum the floor regularly. This will remove the sand and dirt that may scratch the floor. Place the protective mats on the floor at the entrances. Do not use rubber or plastic mats with foam reinforcement.

Place the floor protectors under the legs of the furniture and heavy objects. This will prevent scratches and keep the formation of notches in the ground. Avoid walking on the ground with pointed golf shoes, wedges or stiletto heels. These types of shoes can cause scratches or notches in the floor. Rearrange your furniture and area rugs periodically. This will help the wood floor to age equally. Use a dehumidifier in the home. Keep the relative humidity level in the interior of the house between 45 and 65 percent. This will reduce the amount of shrinkage and expansion of the wood.

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