How To Choose Bathroom Light Fixtures Lowes

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Bathroom Heat Lamp Fixture Lowes

Lighting in bathrooms primarily requires good general lighting. Many therefore choose bathroom light fixtures lowes to get a good spread of the light flux. It may also be a good idea to install a dimmer for your bathroom lamps. Then you can adjust the light on your bathroom lighting as needed.

Bathroom wall light fixtures lowes can usually function well as power lighting, but think again about the location so that no reflections disturb. The best option here is often integrated lighting in the mirror. Otherwise, the bathroom lamps should be placed beside or above the mirror to minimize the risk of reflections. The color temperature is also a crucial part, your bathroom lamps should have a clear white color temperature of about 3500-4000 Kelvin.

Choose safe and approved bathroom lighting. This is determined by what is usually called IP-classification. Lowes lighting fixtures for bathroom must meet certain requirements for resistance to water and steam, as well as dust and touch. All bathroom lighting should have at least IP44 for use in a wet room. Bathroom lamps placed connected to water should be IP67 or more. If you are uncertain about which bathroom lighting is approved, you should consult your electrician first.

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