How To Lay Gray Laminate Wood Flooring

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Gray laminate wood flooring is a cheaper alternative to installing a genuine wooden floor. Laminate flooring is a popular floor choice because the average homeowner can lay this type of flooring without having to hire an expensive installation team because most laminate floorboards are interlocking. Choosing a laminate wood floor with a collaborative track system will make this process even less complicated to complete.


Prepare the area for installing the gray laminate wood flooring. If a carpet is in the room, remove the carpet and grind the floor smoothly with a planar slip to remove the carpet glue and obstacles in the floor. Do this for subfloor and in new construction; just sand the floor then smooth the sweep and vacuum to remove dust and dirt from the floor before installing laminate flooring. If the subfloor is concrete, do not worry about grinding the floor.

Lay down the substrate for laminate flooring. The substrate is a sheet of foam or paper that installers lay on the floor before the laminate wood planks are put in place. The substrate will prevent laminate floorboards from bearing out as the planks rub against the subfloor under the pressure of the weight over the floor. Start in a corner of the room and start attaching gray laminate wood flooring planks together in the floor. Leaves a small gap around the edge of the floor, about ½ inches from the wall, so that the installed floor to bend and move instead of swelling and jerk up due to moisture in the air or on the floor.

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