How To Replace NuTone Bathroom Fan Light

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Installing Nutone Bathroom Fan Light

A NuTone bathroom fan light uses a removable motor to draw air from its intake louver and expel the air out of its exhaust port. NuTone offers ducted and endocrine fan models. A NuTone duct-connected fan pushes air through the exhaust port into a duct running outdoors. A NuTone endocrine fan exhaust port returns the air to the bathroom. Nutone’s bathroom fan models include only fan and fan/light combination units. A NuTone bathroom fan is connected to a standard residential 120-volt power supply.


Instructions to replace Nutone bathroom fan installation.; With start off in the bathroom switch. Grip open sides of NuTone bathroom fan slat and pull down until it louver metal springs. Press the metal springs and pull down on the slats. This frees louver from the fan’s housing. Dispose of lamellae.

Remove the finger-tight wing nut that holds a NuTone fan/light combination unit’s reflector shield to fan housing, if equipped. Fan-only devices do not use a deflector shield. Lower reflector shield and pull the light contact from its vessel. The vessel is mounted on a NuTone fan housing. Pull the fan connector from its container, found on the NuTone fan housing. Fan-only units contain one vessel and fan/light units have two vessels. Select the new engine assembly plate that matches the original engine mounting plate. NuTone replacement engines come from the factory with two different sized assembly plates.



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