Ideas Of Brazilian Cherry Wood Flooring

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Natural Cherry Hardwood Flooring Design

Brazilian cherry wood flooring presents a lush surface finish that is very bright and shiny. The wood is protected by a coating of the surface. Finishes, including paint, polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic, rest on top of the surface of the wood. The bright and smooth glow of the floor surface requires special cleaning and maintenance techniques. Avoid abrasive soaps, toxic chemicals and excessive amounts of water. Water is the number one enemy of hardwood floors.

Carried on the ground, grain and road oils can wear down the surface of the Brazilian cherry wood floor, causing small nicks, scratches and stains. The secret to avoid having to regularly apply soap and water solutions to the soil is to try to avoid tracing it on the ground in the first place. Place fibrous carpets near entrances to trap and trap dirt. Without prior appointment, washable mats will pick up soil, oils, allergens and pesticides. Request shoes to be removed upon entering your home. Provide a mat or basket to catch the accumulated dirt in the footwear plants. Sweep and vacuum regularly.

Wet cleaning is a method of cleaning floors that uses a well wrung, soft mop to remove surface dirt from wooden floors. Add 10 to 20 drops of orange or lemon essential oil and 1 teaspoon. Of vegetable origin or linseed oil soap to a 2-gal. Bucket of hot tap water. Wet the mop with the cleaning solution and wring well, remove as much water as possible. Clean the floor. Rinse the mop, wring well and clean again. High traffic areas such as hallways and kitchen floors should be scrubbed once a week or as needed. Remaining open living rooms will require less frequent.

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