Sanding Tips To Restain Wood Floors

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Staining Hardwood Floors Darker Without Sanding Steps

Restain Wood Floors – Wood floors have a lot of abuse. From boots full of mud they fell to toys to move the furniture, the stain on their wood floor has to deal with a bit of brutality really hard. Over time, the stain can come from the floor and the wood floor, it loses its original appeal. The deep notches and a scraped finish can be repaired however, the return of your wooden floor to its former glory. Repainting needs a lot of elbow grease, but it is well worth the results.

Place a towel against the wall near the finished floor. Place your lever bar on the towel and slide the end of the bar between the wall and the molding. Pry the wall molding. The use of the towel protects the wall from damage. Cover the wall outlets with adhesive tape to protect the electrical from dust. Vacuum the floor. Edge the floor with an edge sander and vacuum the floor again.

Pour a small amount of your base coat sealer on the floor and work it on the floor, using a 4-inch brush. Move slowly to avoid bubbles in the base layer. Run a synthetic applicator on the base layer to work on the floor. Apply a water-based polyurethane stain to the floor using the synthetic applicator. Let them dry for two hours and then apply a second coat. Continue until a third layer is applied, and then a final layer.

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