Type In Rustic Vanity Lights

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Color selection is one of the most important things in applying makeup. And this color selection can be appropriate and appropriate if you are in a place that is quite light. If you are in a closed room, the type of light from the lamp also needs attention. Because there are several types of lamps that are specially made to resemble natural light such as rustic vanity lights. One bad light to be able to choose the makeup color correctly is tungsten light. This light is classified as a bit yellowish, making the pink color look orange.

Furthermore, in rustic vanity lights, there is halogen light. This light emits whiter light compared to tungsten light. The type of halogen light is indeed not as good as natural light during the day for the selection of makeup colors. The color is whiter so the skin color looks more accurate and natural like outdoors. The use of this light is better than other types of light bulbs.

There are also types of light from fluorescent lights that are applied to rustic vanity lights. This type of lamp emits more bluish light and is widely used in offices. The bluish effect of this light makes your skin look gray, and the makeup color that has a bluish color element like violet, some red and pink will look artificial.

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