What Is The Best Way Redoing Hardwood Floors

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Sanding And Refinishing Hardwood Floors

The best way to redoing hardwood floors is simply sand down to discover the wood. And apply several fresh layers of polyurethane or oil if the floor is badly damaged. With proper care, a wooden floor should need this type of treatment only once every few decades. In the meantime, there are several less drastic ways. That is to keep the floor looking as elegant, warm and inviting as you could wish for.

If your floor has only light scratches and a dull finish, it is not necessary to strip it. Scrub the floor with warm water once to loosen the dirt, then clean it again with a clean mop and clean water to remove dirt. The floor is dried with a towel – standing water on a wooden floor can cause damage. Sand the soil lightly with 120-grit sandpaper and a light-duty sander to eliminate scratches. Apply another layer of finish of what is already on the floor – polyurethane, wax or oil. One-step and products for clean shine should never be applied to wooden floors.

This type of damage will require renewal of the finish of the plant. If the scratches are too deep to sand out without causing a depression in the floor, or if there are dents and scratches, fill them with wood putty that matches the floor. If putrefaction has set in, you will have to remove and replace the affected planks to match the floor. Sand and repaint the plant as described above.

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