Wonderful Blown Glass Pendant Lights

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Balloon Glass Pendant Lights

Let’s explore some original ideas on home lighting using blown glass pendant lights! This fascinating vintage-inspired fixture adds a touch of nostalgia unmatched to any room in our home and seems to tell stories! No, the incandescent bulb has not disappeared, quite the opposite, it is there and thanks to its aesthetic value unparalleled, it will last in our contemporary interiors!

Whatever piece you want to decorate with a multi-bulb pendant, you’re not going to go wrong with the vintage light bulb – it tells stories of yesteryear and gives a magical nostalgia to your home! The bulb suspension with protective cage adds a wonderful vintage look and combines with the industrial style! But you can also decorate your villa or chalet-style living room!

A contemporary style alternative is to opt for a set of design LED bulbs mimicking the shape of old bulbs, as the original suspension above the dining room table or the coffee table in the living room. Several variants are possible, but in general, the spherical filament bulbs have a more modern look, while those, elongated, seem a little more retro. In a large open area, it is best to use the bulb suspension above the dining table and one or more industrial suspensions above the bar or central island.

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